SCP provides immediate, collaborative and hands-on advisory services for companies, management teams and other stakeholders facing a change process, finding ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, and thereby increase a company’s profitability.

The firm delivers the technical expertise and additional resources required to face extraordinary challenges.

Activities performed with management on a day-to-day basis include:

  • Create and implement plans to immediately improve cash flow and restore earnings by:
    • Systematically reviewing and addressing all cost items that would drive EBITDA growth (COGS, logistics, operations, customer acquisition, SG&A, etc.)
    • Developing revenue strategies and executing plans to create growth, and optimize the product portfolio (product lines, salesforce effectiveness, pricing, etc.)
  • Transform and implement operating practices to improve productivity and profitability
  • Implement a focus on root causes, critical issues and achievable solutions for capital preservation
  • Improve controls and drive positive change to achieve long-term sustainability
  • Re-establish credibility and communication between the company and its customers
  • Improve logistics sourcing and lines of credit