12th Annual Turnaround Atlas Awards
Food & Beverage Restructuring of the Year

NORPAC Foods Chapter 11 restructuring and sale of assets to Oregon Potato Company and processing facilities to Lineage

13th Annual Turnaround Awards
Restructuring of the Year

Restructuring of Cranberry Growers Cooperative.

10th Annual Turnaround Atlas Awards
Consumer Products Restructuring of the Year

Highview Capital and Victory Park Capital Advisors acquire Katy Industries.


Let us help guide you through unprecedented times and challenging situations by offering the following thought leadership pieces authored by our own industry experts here at SCP.


Entrepreneurs: Uncommon Tips to Scale After an Initial Breakthrough

Nevin Shetty, a Managing Director out of SCP’s Seattle Office, explains useful tips for entrepreneurs to continue scaling once achieving product market fit. Read “Entrepreneurs Uncommon Tips to Scale After an Initial Breakthrough” to learn actionable insights to apply to your company to accelerate your velocity.

The Importance of Digital Transformation

Nevin Shetty, a Managing Director out of SCP’s Seattle Office, authored an article titled “The Importance of Digital Transformation”, where he discusses why you should invest in technology, common pitfalls of technology projects, and the best digital transformation ideas to get your company started on a new trajectory.

Navigating Choppy Economic Waters

While the ultimate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains unknown, it has become clear that this crisis will inevitably create global economic consequences that will cause a ripple effect among all businesses, small and large. Chris Tedford, Senior Advisor at SierraConstellation Partners, authored the article titled, “Navigating Choppy Economic Waters: Are You the Captain of the Ship?” where he discusses how the critical focus of most businesses has quickly turned to evaluating strategic risks, managing potential supply chain disruptions, protecting liquidity and assessing the impact on their respective workforce.

Navigating the Hierarchy of Corporate Needs

Basil Karampelas, Managing Director and head of the Houston office, has authored an article titled, “Navigating the Hierarchy of Corporate Needs”, where he describes the four critical elements of any successful corporation.


Our Moral Obligation

This article was motivated by the 2019 change in the definition of the purpose of a corporation, by the Business Roundtable, away from ‘maximizing shareholder value’ to an inclusion of benefitting customers, suppliers, communities, and employees in the definition. The purpose of the article is to encourage team/organization leaders at all levels to make the difficult decisions necessary for the benefit of their employees and to be appropriately motivated by a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

The Four CFOs You Encounter in Restructuring

In 2003, a bestselling book was published titled ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ which describes five people who have had a significant impact on someone’s life. In the world of restructuring, the CFO often is at that critical nexus point connecting a firm’s financial, commercial and strategic activities. In his article ‘The Four CFOs You Encounter in Restructuring’ SCP Managing Director and head of the Houston office Basil Karampelas describes the different types of CFOs that are often found at companies, and how the type of CFO often dictates the nature of the work required in a restructuring situation.

Will You Be Ready for your “Endgame Moment”?

Basil Karampelas, Managing Director and head of the Houston office, authored an article titled, “Endgame Moment”, where he discusses how professionals never know when their moment to ‘come off the bench’ and shine for their company is going to happen, but odds are, it will. An example stems straight out of a concert of music from the musical “Chess” which illustrates what those of us in the restructuring world see frequently – employees stepping out of their comfort zone to fill the gaps created by the specific situation that their company is facing. In doing so, they create a virtuous cycle and the types of anecdotes that become part of company lore and can make someone’s career.

Driving Performance: A Primer on SCP

David Bitterman, Managing Director and Head of Business Development out of SCP’s New York Office, authored an SCP Insights Series article titled, “Driving Performance: A Primer on SCP” where he discusses how SierraConstellation Partners often works with clients on improving performance and driving enterprise value—not solely in bankruptcy or restructuring situations.

Navigating the Storm

Merv Merzoug, a Director out of SCP’s New York Office, authored an article titled “Key questions for Corporates to Successfully Address Shocks Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak”, where he discusses how to manage business in a post-COVID-19 environment.

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Mark Nixon, Managing Director at SCP, authored an article titled “Deja Vu All Over Again”, where he discusses how middle market companies can navigate the uncertainties towards a sustainable operating model.