15th Annual Turnaround Awards
Turnaround of the Year

Restructuring of Alto Ingredients, Inc. (fka Pacific Ethanol. Inc.)

12th Annual Turnaround Atlas Awards Food & Beverage Restructuring of the Year

NORPAC Foods Chapter 11 restructuring and sale of assets to Oregon Potato Company and processing facilities to Lineage

11th Annual Turnaround Atlas Awards
Turnaround of the Year

LORAC Cosmetics acquired by Markwins Beauty Brands

13th Annual Turnaround Awards
Restructuring of the Year

Restructuring of Cranberry Growers Cooperative


Let us help guide you through unprecedented times and challenging situations by offering the following thought leadership pieces authored by our own industry experts here at SCP.


When to Hire a Performance Improvement Consultant

Mark Nixon, a Managing Director out of SCP’s Los Angeles Office, discusses a few of the common concerns that companies have when deciding whether to hire a Performance Improvement Consultant. Read “When to Hire a Performance Improvement Consultant” for insights that may be applicable to challenges you face in your company.


Our Moral Obligation

This article was motivated by the 2019 change in the definition of the purpose of a corporation, by the Business Roundtable, away from ‘maximizing shareholder value’ to an inclusion of benefitting customers, suppliers, communities, and employees in the definition. The purpose of the article is to encourage team/organization leaders at all levels to make the difficult decisions necessary for the benefit of their employees and to be appropriately motivated by a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

Driving Performance: A Primer on SCP

David Bitterman, Managing Director and Head of Business Development out of SCP’s New York Office, authored an SCP Insights Series article titled, “Driving Performance: A Primer on SCP” where he discusses how SierraConstellation Partners often works with clients on improving performance and driving enterprise value—not solely in bankruptcy or restructuring situations.

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Mark Nixon, Managing Director at SCP, authored an article titled “Deja Vu All Over Again”, where he discusses how middle market companies can navigate the uncertainties towards a sustainable operating model.